Friday, March 4, 2011

Ceremony of Twelve

The Ceremony of Twelve is one of the most important ceremonies in the community because you get your job assignment. An assignment is a job that you do for the rest of your life until you enter the House of the Old. You wait for the chief elder with the rest of the eleven group. You wait for your number to be called and when it is called you go up to the stage where the cheif elder is and get your assignment. When it was Jonas' turn to get called, they skipped him to make the biggest announcement. The big announcement was Jonas was goung to be the next reciever of memories.


  1. I agree. The ceremony of twelve is one of the most important rituals in the community. Even after what happened at the end of the story, though, do you think the community would go back to their old ways and would select another reciever?

  2. Yes, I also think the people in the community might have been too afraid of change. They might have wanted to stick with the old ways.

  3. When does the Ceremony of Twelves occur?

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  5. Its a really good book I love it.❤❤

  6. What is the ceremony called for the rest of the ages?

    1. swap out twelve with another number below twelve (because twelve is the last ceremony)
      ex: Ceremony of Fours